Universal Call to Holiness: Made for God

In Universal Call to Holiness: Made for God, Chris helps students to understand that having a relationship with God is a part of who we are – part of our nature – and that we are incomplete without this relationship. Addressing common obstacles and excuses for avoiding a relationship with God, Chris uses analogies and examples relevant to Millennials, referencing the Saints to explain that our relationship with the Lord, like any person, requires some effort on our part and demonstrates that this relationship is built through prayer.

After exploring why and how to build a relationship with God, Chris explores God’s unique plan for each of us – our vocation, and helps students to understand the glory of discerning and following this plan. Students uncover the Church as a community and learn how that community supports its members along their faith journey and encourages their relationship with the Lord. This Faith Family not only supports us through prayer and discernment, but also through ongoing faith formation and study.

Finally, Chris discusses the joy of service, generosity, and evangelization, recognizing the importance of modeling the mission of Christ in the formation of lifelong Catholics.

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